Kathleen Wasserman grew up in a family of artists.  After exploring many mediums, in 2008 she discovered fused glass.  At the age of 55 she made a huge career change when she turned her hobby of fusing glass into a serious profession.  At the same time, she revisited a 20 year long desire to live in the surrounded by beauty and peace of Tzfat.  In 2014 she made Aliyah with the goal of opening her own studio/gallery/workshop.  On July 1, 2016, Quilted Art Glass became a reality in the Kikar HaMeginim.  

Her artwork is inspired by the beauty of Israel.  Glass "paintings" of flowers, trees, landscapes, murals, and Judaica are created by working with glass sheets, frits, and powders to create interpretations of nature.  Pieces then go into the kiln overnight to melt together.  This process is often repeated multiple times at different temperatures to create richness and depth.  

About Kathleen

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